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Bill Gahl, Gail Jarvik, John Phillips and Danny Miller

Research Proposals

MEPAN Foundation is a U.S. 501c(3) non-profit corporation based in California. We will consider research proposals that provide greater understanding of the biology of MEPAN Syndrome or move us towards our goal of developing treatments that can improve the quality of life for people with MEPAN and similar neurodegenerative conditions

We are especially interested in proposals that will:

  1. More quickly validate compounds or drug classes that have been identified in our ongoing drug repurposing work.

  2. Screen or test additional compounds that may have therapeutic value.

  3. Speed the development of a gene therapy construct for MEPAN.

  4. Identify disease biomarkers that can be used to measure disease progression or success of any therapeutics.

  5. Identify new insights into existing or undiscovered functions for mtFAS, its regulatory mechanisms, or transcription factors for the MECR gene.

We have no set grant cycle. Proposals are evaluated on a rolling basis and are in part, considered based on available funding and the project's merit for the MEPAN community. Download the application procedure here or email with questions.

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