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How You Can Help

Research needed to discover treatments for a rare disease is complex and expensive, so every donation helps! We have several projects that need support:


  • A drug repurposing project underway at UCSF and the University of Oulu in Finland that is testing FDA-approved drugs in patient cells to find medicines that may improve mitochondrial respiration.

  • Research at Baylor in a Drosophila model of MEPAN that has identified several FDA-approved drugs that may help improve MEPAN symptoms.

  • A project at Kenyon College to test different combinations of FDA-approved drugs in a C. Elegans model of MEPAN.

  • Experiments with the University of Florida and the University of Oulu to develop and test a gene therapy in a mouse model of MEPAN that may correct vision or movement issues in patients.

  • A pending project at Sheba Medical Center in Israel to develop disease biomarkers that can help measure how any treatments are helping.

Please consider making a donation to help these projects!

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